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About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Shijiazhuang Shuangshi Tools Co.,Ltd was founded in March 2017, which has 30 years experience in diamond saw blade industry. Since 1991, we investigated and entered the diamond saw blade industry officially.

In the past 30 years, our company invested a large sum of money in purchasing advanced high-precision equipments to improve the production conditions. And with the help of our experts team in the field of diamond powder metallurgy, the quality of our products is getting better and better.

We have adopted many innovative technologies to provide sharper,more durable and time-saving diamond saw blades for our clients. Especially used in the industrial and civilian ceramics, building decorative, stone processing and carving, concrete road cutting and other hard brittle non-metallic materials.

Our company was built by Mr. Mou Liping and Yang Yongbo, who are always focusing on the diamond tools. Our diamond saw blade is forged by high quality carbon structural steel matrix, 65 Mn steel, high grade diamond and self-made alloy powder. And all product formula technologies are created completely by ourselves

Besides, the unique segment design improved and maximized the cutting speed and efficiency. In the same condition, our blades are sharper and faster than the ordinary blades. However, the life of the saw blade is affected by different terrains and cutting objects, we will adjust the product formula for different areas to ensure the cutting efficiency.

So far, our company has a total of about 150 employees, and we have been trying to provide customers with first-class products and comprehensive services. With the strictly controlled of production process, our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

We hope that we would have more partners in the future and make more contributions to the diamond tools industry’s development together.

Our company is the harbinger of excellence and manufactures premium quality diamond tools that make us world leaders in this very field. With 20 years of relentless service and impeccable products, we have earned aworldwide reputation. Our close affiliation with stone processing units aids us in producing processed and purified tools with effective performance under any given condition. Our tools are extremely cost effective with zero compromises on the quality of multiple application, stone type or style.

Shuangshi Tools had laid a foundation with a vision to engineer stone cutting tools that will shape every stone available on the earth. We have high-tech manufacturing units at Sitapura sprawling over big land that houses modernized machinery tools imported from Germany. We believe that innovation is the key to strong business and needs space to give concrete shape to the thinking. To support our vision, we have allocated agigantic area for R&D to our researchers who make these versatile tools for our esteemed clients. working to promote diamond blades at a global scale, while maintaining the values of our client community.


We are conscious of our social responsibility, and we base our actions on universal, ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, legality,openness and non-discrimination due to race, religion, world view, gender and ethics. We reject corruption and fraud and stand for fair competition. Sustainable business practices and protecting our employees are a key part of our corporate culture, to ensure health and occupational safety.

All our employees are responsible for complying with this Code of Conduct and with the following principles. We live out these principles and ensures they are complied with, even when the regulations we have established for ourselves exceed legal requirements. Likewise, we require our customers and suppliers to observe the requirements of our Code of Conduct.

Legal compliance

We comply with applicable laws and other regulations applicable to the company, no matter what country we are working in.

In particular, we observe relevant laws and regulations on imports and exports, not only in conjunction with our products, but also with all kinds of freight and technology.

No fraud and corruption

We reject fraud and corruption in accordance with the UN Convention and with national regulations.

We promote transparency, acting with integrity and responsible management and control within our company in an appropriate way.

Fair competition

We follow clean, recognized business practices and ensure fair competition, and we focus on professional behavior and high-quality work.

Occupational safety and health protection

We guarantee compliance with occupational and employment laws.

We protect our employees from hazards at the workplace and support measures to promote health.

Wages, social benefits and working hours correspond at least to the local statutory standards and requirements.

Environmental protection

Our products, services and processes are designed to ensure environmentally-friendly practices. We respect environmental requirements at all of our sites and handle natural resources responsibly.

Company History


We began to investigate the diamond saw blade industry, and formally entered the diamond saw blade industry.


We started to put the diamond saw blades into production. At that time, the domestic saw blade industry was in its initial stage, producing large specifications of raw saw blades (such as 1.6m and 1.8m size granite and marble cutting blades) and cutting blades (such as 350mm and 400mm size granite cutting blades).


We began to increase the production of small size saw blades (such as 105mm, 110mm stone, ceramic tile cutting blades).


We began to increase the production of concrete, asphalt, cobble stone street saw blades (350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm sizes).


We added wall saw blades (e.g. 600mm, 800mm size).


We developed a decoration wall groove and stone carving pieces (such as 114mm, 125mm, 130mm, 156mm, 188mm size)


We developed high hard concrete, airport, port and wharf special saw blade (such as 300mm, 400mm, 500mm size)


We began to apply the second generation of diamond product technology: using pre-alloyed powder with diamond to produce saw blade.


Mr. Mou Liping and engineer Yang Yongbo jointly founded Shuangshi Tools Co., Ltd., integrating the industry's advanced technical resources and talents, leading the new trend of manufacturing technology in the saw blade industry and making long-term contributions to the development of the industry.


Our technology has reached a new level, obtained the national new technology patent. Products have been put on the market awon the praise of the majority of users.

Office and Factory

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Our company currently has a total of about 150 employees, divided into ten departments.


1. Procurement and Supply Department

2. Quality Inspection Department

3. Production Management Department

4. Finance Department

5. Logistics Department

6. Domestic and International Sales Departments

7. Domestic and Doreign Market Departments

8. Logistics Management and Reception Department

9. Enterprise Planning and Management Department

10. Product R&D and Technology Department

Product R&D and Technology Department is our core department, with a total of 15 employees. This department ensures that our company can provide customers with high quality and high level of output.

In addition, our domestic and international sales departments also play an important role, with a total of 40 employees. They have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company by promoting products.

Of course, the other departments are also very important. They work in their respective positions, which is the basis of the long-term operation of the company.

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